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3 Dangers of Driving Through Flooded Streets

11/14/2019 (Permalink)

Red truck and a black car driving through a flooded street Avoid driving through a flooded street

Learn More About the Potential Threats Found When Driving Through a Flood

Repairing your home after a flood can be a long process. An emergency restoration company might ask you to leave the house until work is finished. When you plan your exit, you need to make sure you do not drive through a flooded street. Even the presence of six inches of water in the Delray Beach, FL streets can place you and your vehicle in peril. Continue reading to learn more about the potential threats found when driving through a flood.

Loss of Control

Water is a powerful element, and even a small portion can disrupt your control over the vehicle. For instance, with a strong amount of force, two feet of water can push away large vehicles and 12 inches can impact smaller ones. One of the most common travel tips around suggests you avoid driving through any road with six inches of water and above. Follow this advice to avoid losing control and colliding against trees, posts or other vehicles.

Hidden Hazards

Another reason to avoid driving through a flooded street is because large bodies of water can be deceptive and appear shallower than they really are. Additionally, they can hide other hazards underneath.

  • Branches and small trees
  • Sinkholes or potholes
  • Broken signs and posts
  • Downed electric wires

The water can blind you to these threats and several more, so avoid taking the risk.

Damage to Vehicle

Land vehicles such as cars and trucks, no matter how big they are, were not made for flooded roads. They use electricity to function, so its interaction with water can damage the vehicle and even injure you or your passengers. Even a small amount of water can infiltrate the engine and create internal damage. Floodwater can cause the engine to stall, leaving the vehicle vulnerable to strong currents.
A flooded street contains a large variety of risks, from lack of control to environmental hazards and engine damage. Avoid even small water quantities and find a safer route instead.

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