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3 Ways To Prevent a Fire in the Workplace

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

smoke moving towards a smoke alarm Invest in safety equipment to protect your commercial facility.

Workplace Fire Prevention

Workplace safety should be a priority for all Kings Point, FL, business owners. Fire prevention is a benefit to both your employees and your business assets. Fires that start in commercial settings are often preventable. By taking a few simple steps, you can create a safe work environment and avoid the need for repairs and cleanup from fire.

1. Invest in Safety Equipment

Having the right safety equipment on hand is one of the easiest ways to protect your commercial facility and your employees. Initially, it may feel like you are spending a lot of money upfront. However, the peace of mind and preparedness you get in return are well worth the cost. The following equipment is some of the most commonly used for commercial fire prevention:

  • Automatic sprinkler systems
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Smoke alarms
  • First aid equipment
  • Fire-rated doors and windows

2. Remove Fire Hazards

Create a fire evacuation plan and practice it regularly with your staff. Be aware of possible dangers in the workplace including tripping hazards or combustibles. Remove anything that has the potential to lead to a fire in the workplace. Likewise, remove any obstacles that may prevent workers from evacuating if a fire does occur. If your workplace is more prone to a business fire because of the materials used in your industry, take extra precautions, such as employee safety training.

3. Prepare Employees

Creating a detailed fire emergency plan and sharing it with your employees may be one of the best ways to prevent workplace fire damage in Kings Point, FL. Start by designating a responsible safety leader to keep order in case of an emergency. Map out an escape route and make your employees aware of what to do if a fire incident does occur. Run drills to ensure staff is familiar with the plan.

By prioritizing workplace fire prevention, you not only protect your place of business but also your employees.

The Importance of Smoke Odor Remediation After a Fire

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

inside of a home damaged by fire, ceiling and walls burned Residential fire damage in a Highland Beach, FL kitchen.

Smoke Odor Remediation After A fire

The approximately 350,000 home fires that happen each year in the U.S. range from small fires to complete burndowns, but nearly all of them have one thing in common: the presence of smoke odors. As many homeowners know, getting rid of a pervasive smoke smell is not always easy. Home techniques and ordinary cleaning companies often do not utilize the proper equipment or methods. Professional smoke cleaning is often necessary. Experts identity persistent smells through testing and understand the science needed to remove odors without leaving a trace. A trained and certified fire restoration company in  Highland Beach, FL, will not take shortcuts or settle for temporary solutions to an odor problem.

Specialized Equipment for Smoke Damage
The right training and equipment are needed to tackle pervasive odors after a fire. An odor control technician has the following tools at his or her disposal:

  • Air filtration devices
  • Ozone machines
  • Thermal foggers
  • Industrial air scrubbers
  • Effective cleaning and sanitizing agents

Some or all of these are used in professional smoke cleaning after a home fire. It is also important to match the optimal cleaning methods for any soiled fabrics or surfaces. For example, experienced technicians know that sending damaged garments out for ordinary dry cleaning can lock in smells and make them harder to eliminate.

Advanced Methods for Total Fire Remediation
The removal of soot damage and smoke odor from all surfaces is just one part of a comprehensive cleanup. Much effort is put into cleaning and repair of household items and structures after a fire. The final restoration process often includes repairs to drywall, painting and carpeting. After major fires, whole rooms might need to be reconstructed. It is crucial that everything in the home is restored to its best possible condition. Quality smoke cleaning makes sure that odors are eliminated and that homeowners can enjoy their homes with complete satisfaction.

4 Ways to Prepare Your Business for a Flood

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

technician wearing safety mask, hands taking out insulation from ceiling tile Commercial roof damage in West Delray Beach, FL.

Take The Right Precautions To Prepare For An Emergency

If you’re expecting flooding in West Delray Beach, FL, it’s a good idea to prepare your business to reduce or prevent any serious damage. There are several steps that you can take to minimize the impact of this natural disaster.

1. Relocate Important Items
Water can cause damage to most items in your building, from paper documents to electronics. To keep these safe from the flood, move anything you can to a higher floor. Waterproof containers can be an additional level of safety for smaller objects. Using tarps or other protective covering can reduce flood damage to items that cannot be moved.

2. Prepare Your Employees
Not only can flooding cause damage to your property, but it can also make it unsafe to travel. Creating a plan for severe weather will help everyone stay prepared for emergency situations that occur while you are at work. You may also want to plan for everyone to work from home until the storm has passed.

3. Create an Emergency Kit
If you are at the office, you should have emergency supplies prepared. This should include flashlights and extra batteries in case the power goes out. A battery-powered radio can also be helpful, allowing you to stay updated on the situation. Make sure to have plenty of bottled water and ready-to-eat food as well, in case you are stuck in the building.

4. Inspect the Building for Damage
While your building should be regularly maintained, you may want to do a quick check for any issues before a big storm. If the building is already damaged, then it is more vulnerable to additional storm damage as well. An emergency restoration service can help perform an inspection and make necessary repairs.
You cannot control mother nature, but you can make an effort to prepare for an emergency. Taking the right precautions can help reduce the effect that flooding has on your commercial building, your business and your employees.

Which Water Losses Are Covered by Homeowners' Insurance?

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

Homeowners insurance policy A water loss is not always covered by insurance.

Restoring your basement after a water damage can be expensive. Insurance can help you pay for the cost of water cleanup services in Delray Beach, FL. However, depending on the nature of the loss, your insurance coverage may not apply. A basement flood, for instance, is not usually covered by homeowners' insurance.

Coverage Exclusions

In fact, any type of flood damage is excluded from homeowners' policies. Floods have many causes, including:

  • Over-saturated grounds
  • Storms
  • Surging ponds, oceans, lakes and rivers

Luckily, the National Flood Insurance Program offers separate flood insurance for homeowners. While you may be wary of adding another insurance premium to your monthly bills, the cost will be worth it in the long run if you ever suffer a flooded basement.
Other water losses are also not covered by homeowners' insurance. The insurer will deny coverage if the damage resulted from a maintenance problem that you failed to address, such as a leaking pipe. In addition, insurance money does not pay for the cost of repairing the pipe or appliance that caused the damage.

Coverage Inclusions
While a homeowners' policy does not pay for repairs following a basement flood, insurance does apply whenever there is an accidental and sudden discharge of water. This could result from a pipe burst or a malfunctioning heater.
Most policies include both personal property and dwelling coverage. Personal property coverage pays for any of your belongings that were damaged by the water. Dwelling coverage, meanwhile, can be used for repairs to the structure of your home, such as the walls and roof. Do not forget that you will have to pay a deductible before your insurance applies.
A water loss is not always covered by insurance. Damage that results from a longstanding condition is typically not included in a homeowners' policy. You should thus perform proper maintenance of your plumbing system. You should also purchase separate insurance that will help pay for repairs following a basement flood.

5 Advantages of Electronic Claims Systems

2/22/2021 (Permalink)

Electronic insurance claim form Filing an electronic insurance claim can result in earlier payments.

5 Advantages of Electronic Claims Systems

Today, technology has made sharing data and filing an insurance claim for your business in Delray Beach, FL incredibly easy. This allows you to get your claim money quicker, so you can hire a disaster restoration company, such as SERVPRO, and get started rebuilding as soon as possible.

1. Earlier Payments
It can take a while for a traditional claim to receive a payout. However, filing an electronic insurance claim can result in earlier payments. This means you can start rebuilding your business sooner and reopen with minimal downtime.

2. Earlier Detection of Errors
Any information in your insurance claim that you submit electronically can be scanned for errors quicker. This means you can edit your claim as soon as possible and resubmit it if any errors are found. This drastically reduces the chance that your claim will be rejected or you will be denied payment.

3. Lower Administrative Costs
When you submit claims electronically, you lower the amount you have to pay to create paper copies and send them in. This is because you don't need to print documents and physically submit them to your agent. Instead, you can submit them all online through your customer portal.

4. Free Software Submissions
Most insurance companies now have their own electronic claims system. That means you no longer have to pay a third-party electronic claim submitter and submit your documents for free through a customer portal.

5. Available Support
Many insurance companies have a helpline for customers who are trying to submit their documents electronically. You can often find this number in the customer portal or on the company's website if you need it. In other words, even technophobes can submit their documents online.
Exchanging information with your insurance agent just became much easier with electronic claims systems. This lets you get connected faster and submit your critical documents for review. Many benefits come from a faster submission.

Fascinating Facts Information Mold

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchen cabinets with mold growth in Delray Beach, FL Mold damage in Delray Beach, FL.

When studied from afar, mold, a type of fungus, is a fascinating organism. When experienced up close in your place of business in Delray Beach, FL, black mold and other varieties are more disturbing than anything else. To start with the interesting facets of mold, it is found just about everywhere. It can even be found in desert climates. More than likely, it is in your building at all times without causing any problems. It needs water to grow and proliferate into bothersome colonies. A moisture source such as high humidity in a room, a steady water leak or standing water is often enough to foster a fungal outbreak.

Mold Damage

Another interesting trait of black mold is that it forms roots and penetrates into porous materials. A mold outbreak brings a number of unpleasant consequences:

  • An ugly, slimy appearance
  • Musty odors
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Extensive damage to a property

Mold can break down wood and paper materials as well as penetrate into furniture, clothing and carpeting. A mold cleanup is needed when the colonies are causing any of these negative problems. Allowing the mold to grow unchecked will result in the spread of mold throughout your building. This will significantly complicate the restoration of your property.

Mold Remediation

The removal of mold from a property cannot be done with regular cleaning methods. Special techniques and equipment are needed as well as the expertise of an experienced mold mitigation company. A SERVPRO franchise is always Here to Help. IICRC-Certified technicians will use thermal imaging to locate a water source in your building. These highly-trained workers will employ containment barriers to stop the spread, and they will use vacuums to suck up mold spores killed by effective fungicides. A professional cleaning will ensure that the mold won't return again. Whether your building has black mold or another variety of mold, a proven process will rid your property of this fascinating but harmful organism.

What if Fire Sprinklers Cause Flooding in Your Business?

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

Active fire sprinkler in Delray Beach, FL Flooding from an accidental fire sprinkler discharge is rare, but it can cause a mess.

Fire sprinklers are considered one of the best investments a business or building owner can make in Delray Beach, FL. They not only are by far the best way to prevent fire damage and lives; they also almost never fail on their own.
However, they can theoretically have accidental discharges, especially if they are struck or tampered with. Here’s how to deal with flooding and some tips on what to do afterward.

What Causes an Accidental Discharge?

In most cases, each fire sprinkler is activated on its own. There are four basic causes of an unwanted discharge:

  • Tampering
  • Being struck
  • Heat excursion
  • Sprinkler head failure

Bored or careless employees are the normal cause of an unexpected water release. Curiosity about how they work can be overpowering, and since most sprinklers are always on at the head, any tampering is likely to cause flooding.
Poor planning can also cause problems. For instance, if an area gets too much sun, it can melt the tab that holds the water back. Heat is what sets off the sprinklers normally, so the fire sprinkler installation must be done by experts.
The least likely is a sprinkler head failure. The odds of this happening is around 1 in 16 million, so it’s statistically insignificant.

What Should You Do First?
Shut off the water! Find the nearest valve, which may be at the fire sprinkler riser, and stop the flow. Every gallon of water you can save will help.

What Next?
If you have damage, you need to contact a water damage restoration professional immediately. As long as you have insurance, the damage should be covered. Insurance companies love it when buildings have sprinkler systems!
The water damage experts should show up quickly, but in the meantime, you should try to remove any water you can. You may also contact your insurance, or you can leave the paperwork to the water damage repair company.
Flooding from an accidental fire sprinkler discharge is rare, but it can cause a mess. The easiest way to avoid it is to educate your employees about why they should leave the system alone.

Tips for Safety After Major Flooding

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

Breaker box with the word CUT THE POWER! Make sure to turn off the electricity to avoid shocks or fires

One of the most important things to do when flood water affects your Delray Beach, FL home is finding alternative shelter for your family. There are many unseen risks in your flooded home over and above any potential damage to the home.

Reach Out for Professional Help

From your temporary shelter, you can work toward recovering from water damage by

  • Calling your insurance agent and mortgage holder
  • Researching local and federal resources, such as FEMA loans
  • Contacting licensed flood cleanup and restoration professionals

When it is safe for you to get back to your home, take the following precautions:

Shut Down Electricity
Before getting near any water in your home, shut off the electricity at your main circuit breaker. Even a moist carpet and a frayed cord can lead to serious electric shocks. Even after shutting off the power, avoid stepping into any standing water inside and outside your home.

Wear Personal Protective Gear
This includes rubber boots and gloves to protect you from electric shocks. A mask with an air filter and a pair of goggles are important for protecting you from any chemicals or fumes carried by the water. Avoid getting any water on your hands and face to limit contamination from dirty flood water.

Watch Out for Mold
It only takes a day or two for mold spores to settle into the warm, humid areas of your home, such as under wet carpet, in a basement corner, or around loose windowpanes. If you suspect or notice any evidence of mold, contact a professional immediately to prevent spread. It may be necessary for you to cut out lower sections of affected walls to stop moisture and mold from creeping up further.

Stay Calm
Flood water in your home can cause a lot of panic and frustration, so it's important to keep a level head while approaching cleanup and repairs. Work closely with those who've experienced flooding before to minimize damage as much as possible.

4 FAQs About Snaking a Drain

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

a new plumber's snake on a white background The main tool you will need is a snake

Snaking Your Drain Can Remedy The Situation

A clogged drain can be a pain. After all, some clogs can result in hours of plumbing work. However, snaking your drain is an option that can remedy your situation.

1. When Would You Need to Snake a Drain?
Snake your drain whenever it is clogged to prevent further plumbing emergencies. For instance, when a hairball is lodged in your drain, you will want to break it up to prevent a pipe break and hiring remediation professionals. Snaking is also good for toilet clogs that cannot be fixed with a plunger.

2. What Tools Do You Need?
The main tool you will need is a snake. These can be found at any hardware store in Delray Beach, FL. If you only have a small clog close to the pipe's surface, you may be able to form a makeshift tool from a clothes hanger. Take any metal clothes hanger and straighten it out. Leave the hook in the end so that you have something to pull out the clog with. If you have a smaller pipe, you will probably want to squeeze the hook, so it fits.

3. How Do You Use a Snake?
It isn't as simple as sticking the snake into the drain and pulling out a hairball. Instead, you will need to follow the instructions that come with the tool. This generally involves twisting the tip so you can snag the debris and pull it out.

4. Does Hot Water Really Help?
If your drain is still clogged after using the snake, hot water can help break it up. Heat water in a tea kettle or other stove safe pot. Just before it starts to boil, remove it from the heat and pour it down the drain. It may take a few minutes, but it should break up stubborn clogs.
Stopped drains can be unpleasant. The best thing to do is to try snaking them. You may have to follow up this process with some hot water. This can help get your drains working again.

3 Tips for Recovering After a Business Fire

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

Inside of a building damaged by fire in Delray Beach, FL. Smoke damage in a building in Delray Beach, FL

Three Tips For Recovering From Smoke Damage At Your Business

You hope that you will never have a fire at your business in Delray Beach, FL. You maintain your facility inside and out, you keep your fire alarms and sprinkler systems up to code, and you review your company fire safety plan regularly. However, some things can't be avoided, and fire damages your business. What now? 

1. Dealing with Smoke and Soot
Soot damage leaves tiny particles behind that can ruin delicate instruments such as computers and other machines. Soot that is mixed with oil or water creates a much larger mess. A fire damage mitigation company will help you to determine which items can be cleaned and salvaged and which will need to be replaced. Smoke damage can potentially create long-term problems because the smell can get into cracks and crevices and linger for months. Proper cleaning by professionals helps to prevent this problem.

2. Dealing with Water
Water damage is the element of fire cleanup most often forgotten. The firefighters will use large amounts of water to save your business, but this means water damage. When safe to do so, you can begin to clean up standing water as you would after a flood. You should remove furniture, rugs, and any merchandise or tools to allow the space to dry quickly.

3. Dealing with Structure
Depending on what the firefighters needed to do to contain the fire or rescue people, there may be damage to doors, windows, or walls. In addition to smoke and water remediation, your mitigation team will be able to assess the fire damage that occurred to the structure of your building, recommend repairs that need to be done, and conduct any smoke cleaning or other cleanup that needs to take place before construction begins.
Don't rush the cleanup process for smoke damage and water damage after a fire. Work with professionals to properly restore your property so that you can get back to business safely.