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Why You Need Business Interruption Coverage

5/11/2022 (Permalink)

Business interruption insurance form and red pen for signing. Interruption insurance helps you by compensating for the income lost as the result of a covered peril.

Why Is Business Interruption Insurance Necessary?

Flames, smoke and soot can wreak havoc on a building. If your commercial property in Delray Beach, FL, is damaged in a fire, your company's income may take a hit. After all, it's hard to do business if you don't have a place to operate. Interruption insurance helps you by compensating for the income lost as the result of a covered peril.

Income Loss Covered by Interruption Insurance

The main thing business interruption coverage ensures is that your company can continue to run even while fire damage remediation experts repair your building. It allows you to keep up with your monthly expenses:

  • Payroll
  • Loan payments
  • Utilities
  • Inventory

While interruption insurance policies do typically have a coverage limit, they may continue to pay for a little while after you move back into the building when the restoration is complete. This usually occurs when your business is forced to go on hiatus during repairs, as it allows for you to get it up and running again.

Extra Expenses Paid by Business Interruption Policy

Sometimes, there are additional expenses that come up when your building has significant smoke and soot damage. For example, if you have to relocate your whole operation while the fire restoration process is underway, you need money to pay for the temporary space. Keeping customers happy may also require a change in your shipping costs or an answering service to take messages while your staff is away from your building.

Depending on how many facets of your business you need to move or adapt, the expenses that you incur after a fire can be daunting. With an adequate interruption insurance policy in place, though, you should still be able to cover your basic expenses to stay afloat. Even a temporary relocation shouldn't affect your bottom line in the long run.

Are Water-Related Losses Covered by Insurance?

5/1/2022 (Permalink)

insurance claim form, paperwork and legal document, accidental and insurance concepts Water from damaged pipes and other sources can cause a lot of damage that needs to be repaired by water restoration professionals.

Is Insurance Coverage For Water-Related Losses?

Many businesses in Lake Ida, FL, face steep costs to repair water damage. Water from damaged pipes and other sources can cause a lot of damage that needs to be repaired by water restoration professionals. Therefore, it is important to know what is covered by your insurance policy.


Many damage claims are caused by frozen pipes. When a frozen pipe occurs, water may slow down or not flow through it at all. This causes pressure to build up and the pipe to burst. Unfortunately, this event is typically not covered by insurance companies. However, there are certain exceptions. Here are the times when frozen pipes are covered:

There is damage to fire protective systems
You did your best to maintain heat in the building
You don't maintain heat, but you do drain all the pipes in the winter

Sudden Water Damage

Suddenly damaged pipes and appliances are covered under most policies. For example, you leave for the weekend without leaking pipes and return to find one has ruptured and water is pooled on your floor. This has caused extensive damage to your flooring. Because it was sudden, you can expect to have the repair costs covered. Additionally, you can expect any damage caused by a sudden rupture of your fire protection system to be covered. This type of coverage includes the costs of repairing your building. It also generally covers the cost of replacing equipment and furniture.

Fire Protective Systems

Damaged pipes to your appliances are generally not covered under your insurance. However, any damage caused by water released by a fire protection system will be covered. Additionally, the cost to repair or replace the system is covered.

Flooding and water damage comes with great costs for a business. Fortunately, many of these events are covered under standard building insurance. Therefore, business owners should know what is covered under their policies.

Reasons To Get Interruption Insurance

4/27/2022 (Permalink)

Business Interruption Insurance Application Form Some storm damage can be mitigated with interruption insurance.

Why Should You Get Business Interruption Insurance?

A heavy storm in West Delray Beach, FL, can cause a lot of damage. While storm damage restoration specialists can help you rebuild the structure itself, who will help you keep your business running? In addition to your property insurance, you should ask your provider about a business interruption policy.

Loss Compensation
If a storm destroys even part of your building, you already have your hands full getting it back to normal. You shouldn't have to worry about the survival of your business, too. There are many expenses that business interruption insurance may cover:

  • Temporary relocation costs
  • Lost income
  • Payroll
  • Loan payments
  • Monthly expenses such as rent and utilities

It always costs money to stay in business, but you may be surprised to find that it can cost just as much to shut down for a couple of weeks. A good interruption policy can help you bridge the gap.

Partnership Protection
The compensation that an interruption policy can provide protects not only you but also the partners who depend on consistent payment while you rebuild. Your inventory suppliers, the bank that handles your loans and delivery services all rely on your continued success to ensure their own. If you are unable to pay them, they may be unable to pay some of their partners, creating a disastrous domino effect. You need a policy to help keep these relationships in good standing.

Customer Retention
Another important relationships to consider are the connections you have with your customers. Even if they are loyal, a temporarily closed business is a risk. It doesn't take a lot of time for them to find a competitor who offers similar goods or services, and they may not return if you stay closed for too long. Interruption insurance allows you to continue offering the customer service they expect.

You can rebuild your structure after storm damage, but it may be harder to regain business lost during a temporary closure. Interruption insurance can ease some of this struggle.

3 Steps to Prepare for the Perfect Dinner Party

4/20/2022 (Permalink)

Cleaning kitchen stove Remove the grates from the stove, and spray the surface with a water and vinegar solution.

3 Steps to Hosting a Fantastic Dinner Party

If you are a seasoned dinner party host, you know the tricky balance of maintaining a clean kitchen while whipping up a delectable feast for a slew of family and friends. It's easy to get behind on one of these endeavors, resulting in a mediocre meal or an embarrassingly messy gas range. Make the focus your delicious food by following these easy steps to a clean, tidy kitchen.

1. Prep
Experienced chefs in Highland Beach, FL, know the importance of cleaning the kitchen as they cook. This process eliminates the need for too much elbow grease post-meal, allowing more time for conversation. First, be sure to stock up on cleaning essentials before your next gathering:

  • Vinegar
  • Soap
  • Rags
  • A toothbrush

When utilizing your gas range to cook a meal, prepare the food ahead of time, cleaning all utensils and countertops that dirty along the way. Once cooked, place the hot food in heat-resistant containers, and keep them warm in the oven. This practice will allow for time to clean up before your guests' arrival.

2. Scrub
Once your dinner is complete and warming in the oven, begin your range cleaning process. Remove the grates from the stove, and spray the surface with a water and vinegar solution. If residue persists after wiping it clean, dip a toothbrush in some dish soap, and scrub the particles free. Finally, polish the grates and burner heads in warm soapy water until they are free from leftover particles. This action is critical, as remaining food fragments can burn on an ignited range, resulting in an unpleasant smoke smell.

3. Reassemble
Once all sections are clean and dry, reassemble your range. It is now tidy and presentable for company, and you have one less duty to perform after dinner. Use your clean stove to display hot food containers straight out of the oven. The grates can withstand heat, eliminating the need for any fire damage assessment at your dinner party!
Maintaining a clean kitchen as you cook makes any host's job simple and fun. Spend more time with your guests by cleaning your gas range before they arrive.

How Water Damage Affects Building Materials

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

Removal of drywall due to water damage Our SERVPRO of Delray Beach team is here to take away the stress of water damage.

The Effects of Water Damage on Building Materials

From swelling wood to crumbling drywall, water damage can have different effects on various building materials. Composition is an important consideration, as some substances are ruined by becoming wet and will need to be torn out and replaced. Other materials may be dried and restored. Find out more about the effects of water damage on building materials at a home in Delray Beach, FL.

Porous Materials May Be Ruined
Absorbent or porous materials soak up water, and the level of contamination in this water will determine whether materials can be dried or require disinfection. Here are the three categories of water damage:

  • Category One damage involves clean water
  • Category Two damage involves contaminated water
  • Category Three damage involves grossly contaminated water

Some porous materials, such as carpet soaked by water from a broken supply line, may be quickly dried. Water pipe repair may be all that is necessary to resolve the cause of damage. Appliance leaks, roof leaks or flooded showers or toilets may expose contents to chemicals or microbes. This Category Two damage requires disinfection. Category Three damage caused by a sewer backup requires disinfection or disposal of materials that are difficult to disinfect.

Wood Becomes Likely To Swell
Wood swells and becomes distorted after exposure to water. Cupping occurs when more moisture is absorbed by the unfinished underside of swelling wood, which expands more than the top. It may be possible to dry and refinish or replace flooring or fixtures.

Metal May Corrode Over Time
Some types of metal undergo a chemical reaction when exposed to water and air that could undermine the integrity of structural materials. It may be necessary to replace damaged components.
It is always important to mitigate water damage as quickly as possible. Start by extracting any standing water at a residence in Delray Beach, FL. Restoration specialists can recommend the best treatment for swelling wood.

5 Reasons To Choose SERVPRO for Commercial Document Restoration

4/4/2022 (Permalink)

A flooded company No matter what causes the damage, SERVPRO of Delray Beach employs water damage removal experts to get your property back to pre-damage conditions.

5 Reasons To Hire SERVPRO To Restore Commercial Documents

The damage a flood can cause to a business is limitless. That said, one way to reduce it is by salvaging important documents that have gotten wet. To do this, you will need a water damage remediation team that can provide document drying services you can count on. While there are numerous factors to consider when choosing a company, think about everything you need to restore at your business and decide what your priorities are. If you are still unsure who to hire to meet your business's document restoration needs, here are 3 reasons why SERVPRO is great choice.

1. Advanced Technology

In this day and age, technology rules. When it comes to document restoration processing, SERVPRO offers a facility that is innovative, secure and digital. This means the company can accommodate any size job while providing a full range of services to meet your needs.

2. Local but Supported

A large company with local franchises can be especially nice to work with because you can find a service provider in Delray Shores, FL, who is nearby but still has corporate-level resources and expertise. Not to mention, this can keep costs lower. Nothing is better than finding a company that can understand what you are going through while also offering a far reach of support at an affordable cost.

3. Insurance Company Preferred

Another reason to choose SERVPRO is because the company is the preferred vendor among insurers. By providing quality services at a reasonable rate, this company stands out among the best.

When your business experiences flooding, there are a lot of things you need to take care of. Among the many types of damages your commercial property and inventory may incur, wet documents might be one that you can reverse with the help of experienced document restoration professionals.

Understanding what sets some restoration companies apart from others can help you make an informed decision when you decide who to hire.

The Top 3 Causes of Major Water Damage

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage at a local grocery store Pipe breaks and sewer backups are the most common causes of large-scale commercial water damage.

The Top Three Causes Of Severe Water Damage

Water damage can occur at a commercial building due to problems with the pipes and sewer lines or outdoor flooding. A supply line break calls for pipe burst cleanup, a sewer backup may require cleaning out the line and backups or floods both require disinfection of materials exposed to contaminated water. Learn more about three common causes of water damage at commercial buildings in Highland Beach, FL.

1. A Broken Pipe

When a pipe breaks, hundreds of gallons of water may flow into the interior of a building. The amount of time between the start of a leak, detection and repair determine the severity of water damage. Regardless of the amount of water, clean water from a supply line is Category One water damage. Pipe burst cleanup is the most common cause of large-scale water damage.

2. A Sewer Backup

A blocked sewer line or an overflowing main may cause a backup into the lowest level of a building. Sewer water contains solid waste and is considered Category Three water damage. Cleaning and disinfection is necessary, and a building owner may want to contact a sewer cleanup company to avoid mold or other secondary damage.

3. A Flood Incident

Flooding due to heavy rain that does not drain properly or overflowing bodies of surface water is the third most common cause of major water damage. Flood water is also Category Three damage, as water becomes increasingly contaminated as it travels over surfaces toward a building and remains standing until extraction can take place.

Pipe breaks and sewer backups are the most common causes of large-scale commercial water damage in Highland Beach, FL. Flooding may be less likely, but can also cause major damage to the interior and exterior of a structure. Respond to the cause of damage by arranging for pipe burst cleanup or other mitigation measures followed by a complete restoration.

How Do You Clean Up a Leaking Roof?

3/27/2022 (Permalink)

Workers installing concrete tiles on the roof while roofing house in construction site Commercial storm cleanup for a roof leak can protect your company's current setup from further damage.

What Is the Best Way To Clean A Leaking Roof?

Cleaning up from the aftermath of a storm at your Delray Shores, FL business is curical if you notice problems such as a roof leak or substainal damage, like missing shingles. Here are the steps necessary to go through to keep your structure in the best condition possible when handling storm cleanup.

Remove Wet Materials

It's crucial to remove any wet materials that are on the roof area prior to repairing. This prevents mold from growing within the roof, which could cause more problems later on. A professional restoration team ensures that you start with a dry area before performing further work. This creates a clean base that can promote longevity and protect any repairs that are made.

Dry And Disinfect

The roof area needs to be dry before replacing any material. A company that specializes in storm damage restoration can disinfect and properly clean everything prior to beginning work. With the area dry and dieinfected, it's easier to have a solid base that can last for a longer period of time, espcially since a roof leak can cause a lot of damage without you realizing it.

Start Restoring the Roof and Ceiling

Once the wet materials are removed and everything is cleaned and dry, it is time to start the process of rebuilding the roof and celing. Although you might need to close your business during this time, it's important to tackle a damaged roof right away so the rest of the structure doesn't weaken. A clean and safe building can provide a better experience for both employees and customers alike.

Commercial storm cleanup for a roof leak in Delray Shores, FL can protect the current setup of your business from further damage. With time, following the right steps, and the help of a professional restoration company, your roof can return to its former glory, allowing you to return to business once again.

3 Steps To Take in Case of Water Damage From Severe Storms

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

Flood insurance form on a table with a book. Insurance companies typically cover flood damage. Contact your insurance provider before taking any action to avoid incurring additional costs.

Three Steps To Take In the Event Of Severe Storm Water Damage

When flood water enters a building in Kings Point, FL, the results could lead property owners to spend thousands of dollars on repairs. Knowing what to do and acting fast after water damage from severe storms could save building owners money. Water damage from severe weather conditions can result from:

  • Floods
  • Burst pipes
  • A leaking roof

Here are 3 steps to take in case of water damage from a bad storm.

1. Clean the Water Immediately

If you allow water to sit on your property, the porous natural construction materials will sop it up, leading to water stains, microbial growth and other problems. Use mops, towels or rags to remove as much of the water as possible. If it is a leaking roof or a burst pipe, take the appropriate steps to stop water from damaging more materials. Make sure you wear protective gear if you are dealing with black water, or water that is highly contaminated.

2. Contact Your Insurance Company

It is common for insurance companies to cover water damage costs from flood water. Contact your insurance provider before taking any steps to fix the building and prevent unnecessary costs. Doing so could save you thousands of dollars on repairs in addition to your insurance costs.

3. Hire a Professional Service

A professional water damage restoration service can help you clean, dehumidify, and restore your property to its normal state. Cleaning up storm damage can be a rigorous task. Sometimes it is more beneficial for property owners to hire a professional service. Research your local companies to hire the best one for you.

Flood water can lead to irreparable damages, especially if water is allowed to sit on the natural construction materials of a building. Take the appropriate steps to prevent unbudgeted costs of an emergency repair. Doing so could save you time and money, valuable resources that are better spent at your discretion.

Extending the Life of Your Commercial Roof

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

Construction worker wearing safety harness and safety line working on a metal industry roof new warehouse Any excessive standing water due to rain, snow, or melting ice can cause leaks that will rot wood and rust steel.

Increasing The Life Expectancy Of Your Commercial Roof

Your roof is probably the most important exterior element of your business. Every day, it defends your building against damage from weather elements including wind, rain, sleet, and extreme heat and cold. That’s why regular maintenance to prevent potentially catastrophic issues such as a roof leak is so important. By keeping a few basic upkeep guidelines in mind, you can extend the life of your commercial roof in Delray Beach, FL, and ensure your business is shielded from natural threats.

1. Conduct a visual inspection. Many major roof problems can be identified by simply examining the condition of the roofing material. Any excessive standing water due to rain, snow, or melting ice can cause leaks that will rot wood and rust steel. A “bubbling” effect where roofing materials begin to separate from the base is a possible sign of trapped moisture that may also lead to major leaking. Gaps in the strips of metal around a roof’s perimeter can weaken its structural integrity and increase the potential for wind damage.

2. Schedule regular maintenance. Twice yearly upkeep in the fall and spring is essential in keeping your commercial roof in peak condition. Start by clearing the entire area of any debris including leaves, dirt, and gravel that can hold moisture and generate a roof leak. Clean all gutters and downspouts thoroughly to ensure proper damage during precipitation heavy weather events. Seal any gaps in rooftop vents that can allow water to enter and cause flooding.

3. Know when to contact a professional. While maintaining your own commercial roof can be very effective, extensive issues will require the services of a qualified roofing restoration professional. Major moisture damage, significant material loss due to heavy winds, and destruction due to a major weather event like hail are all problems that should be handled by a professional.

While maintaining your commercial roof will require an investment of time and money, it’s one of the most important steps you can take to prevent major issues such as a roof leak that will threaten your business.